AFC 10 : The Ultimate Screamo Band - Tout Est Fini - 10’’ A Fond d'Cale Releases


It’s finally here and we are amazingly happy and proud to be part of that awesome release from our dear friends in TUSB, coproduction Zegema Beach, Dasein, Friendly Otter, Polar Summer, Dingleberry, Subsetter and Ultimo Violence !
10 tracks of emoviolence at its finest, out on a beautiful clear with black splatter 10’’, with handmade cover and booklet !

Tracklisting :

1. Tout est fini
2. Thanatophobe
3. En conséquence
4. Un cri de défaite
5. Combien
6. Téméraire et timoré
7. D’enfant fragile
8. Ne change rien
9. À l’article de l’amour
10. Inconditionnel passé

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