Old Gray : An Autobiography Pink RP Dog Knights Productions


Old Gray – An Autobiography 12" LP fourth Press : pink variant

“An Autobiography is our debut full length record, and as such, means a lot to us. We look at each of our releases as a representation of where we are in our lives at the time of us writing; the same couldn't be truer about this album. These eight songs are incredibly personal, as Cameron, Charlie, and I opened up as much as we could, with lyrical material ranging from a fear of death, a curiosity of death, loss, loneliness, self loathing, and more. This is the first release of ours that wasn't recorded by our friend Zak Ickes; rather, we travelled down to Dead Air Studios and recorded with the venerable Will Killingsworth, known for his work in bands such as Ampere and Orchid. Working with him was a phenomenal opportunity and was a very rewarding experience, further emphasizing the importance of this album to us. Even the album art has a very specific and calculated meaning; the three flowers represent the three of us, equal parts terrifyingly alone and comfortably together, and the photo was taken by Cameron's long-time friend, Michi Tassey. Musically, we explored our sound a lot more on this record than we have in the past, most notably with the addition of violin, played by our friend Nick Kwas. We also had Becca Cadalzo, vocalist of esteemed hardcore band Cerce, supply some of her trademark fearsome vocals. All in all, we just hope that this album is as important to our listeners as it is to us.”


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The Artist
Show Me How You Self Destruct
The Graduate
Emily's First Communion
I Still Think About Who I Was Last Summer
My Life With You, My Life Without You