AFC 09 : Les Mauvais Jours : s/t (12’’) A Fond d'Cale Releases


We don't produce a lot of stuff out of screamo and emoviolence, but when it comes to help our friends, we are totally ok to spread the sun of their music with them and the other labels involved ! Les Mauvais Jours is a young indie punk band from Strasbourg (Fr), and they’re prefect if you wanna enlighten your days (ffo Sport, Totorro, I Love Your Lifestyle,etc). Here’s their first LP !

Co-released with :
Bad Wolf (FR)
Crapoulet (FR)
Dingleberry Records (DE)
Don't Trust The Hype Records (FR)
Fireflies Fall (FR)
Hardcore For The Losers (AT)
Pifia Records (SP)
Pike Records (DE)
Saddest Song Records (FR)

Listen/Download :

Tracklisting :

1. Dog
2. Panda
3. Familiar Faces
4. Spring City
5. Steps
6. Colossus
7. So Long
8. Cards
9. December
10. Fading