AFC 06 : Boneflower ; Empty Rooms, Full Bodies LP A Fond d'Cale Releases


We discovered Boneflower at the We built the World and Miss The Stars Fest IV last year in Berlin, so we are really humbled and stocked to be part of their second release with a bunch of awesome labels (Lifeisafunnything, Saltamarges, Dingleberry records, Zilpzalp records, Walking is still honest, Unlock yourself, Tirano intergaláctico).

Tracklisting :

1. We're gonna die, we don't care.
2. Aching absence
3. King
4. City lights
5. Sol
6. Andromeda
7. Love
8. Elocin (you're not alone)
9. To pieces
10. Nothing changes
11. Sunsets in the backyard
12. Purple dreams

Full Stream :